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RED (2010)


RED Theatrical poster

RED or Retired, Extremely Dangerous, is the tag given to Frank Moses (Bruce Willis), a retired Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) black ops operative who spends most of his days chatting on the phone with Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker). However, that changes when his former employers try to have him eliminated.

This film is probably a better version of ‘The Expendables’. All the main characters are retired and no further use to the agency except for Sarah who has become an unwilling (at first) party.

The best character in the film is Marvin (John Malkovich) who is paranoid but seems to be right about his paranoia more than half the time. Together with Joe Matheson (Morgan Freeman), Victoria (Helen Mirren), a former MI6 agent and Ivan Simanov (Brian Cox) a Russian agent; the team set out to find the reason for the sudden hit on Moses.

RED, once again, shows us that class and experience never dies.




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