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Miss March (2009)

Director by: Trevor Moore Zach Cregger  

Ms March poster
Ms March poster courtesy of Wikipedia
Actors: Zach Cregger (Eugene)Trevor Moore (Tucker)Craig Robinson (Phil aka Horsedick.MPEG)Raquel Alessi (Cindi)Molly Stanton (Candace)Hugh M. Hefner (as himself)
Genre Comedy
MPAA Rating R strong perverse sexual language and content.
Year 2009

 Miss March is the tale of Eugene who has a freak accident on his prom night and ends up in a coma for 4 years. Upon awakening, he finds out that much has changed and his once virginal high school sweetheart, Cindi is now in the centerfold of the March edition of Playboy magazine. 

 Eugene and his best friend Tucker set out to win back Cindi but get into all sorts of hilarious situations along the way.

 This film, although comedic, is an uplifting tale of finding true love in the most unlikely place or people. Now, I must warn you that there are graphic images and there is a moderate use of profanity that may shock or upset you in this film.

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