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Head On (Gegen Die Wand) (2010)

Head-On poster

This film is a tragic Turkish love story set in Germany. Cahit and Sibel are two lonely souls trying to find an escape who incidentally meet at a psychiatric hospital after attempting suicide.

Cahit, having lost the love of his life is lost and thinking that he has nothing else to live for, he is constantly drinking and one night drives his car into a brick wall. Sibel is a young woman imprisoned by tradition and family. In her attempts to free herself from their prison, tries to take her own life.

In a bid to remove her family’s (especially her father and brother) stronghold over her, she coerces Cahit to marry her. The marriage is a convenience where they both see each other as roommates and pretend to be a couple when Sibel’s family are around. However when they begin to know each other better, they start to fall in love, and that’s when the trouble begins.

The film begins with a band of Turkish folk singers singing what I can only assume is a love song. The band appears several times during the film and set the mood for the coming chapters.

This film is a tragic love story that has so many twists and turns and does not have a Hollywood ending. However, the photography is superb and the storyline is very touching. Out of ten, I give this film an eight.

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