Too many stuff ups. Shouldn’t the management start asking questions now?

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David Williams comments come in light of this news piece from Post Courier, a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp.

How much further can we continue to get such sub-standard news service from Papua New Guinea’s oldest and at one time, one of the most respected newspaper in the country.

I cannot go for the competition either because  The National  is owned by Rumbinan Hijau, that Malaysian logging giant that continues to rape and pillage Papua New Guinea.  As a result, the only reliable source of news source for me is the RADIO and INTERNET.

Its time Post Courier get its act together.

*Transcript of David William’s comments

Can someone please explain to the morons at the Post Courier that the “Republic of Korea” is NOT North Korea … colloquially it is referred to as SOUTH KOREA!!
What we know as ‘North Korea” is offically the Democratic People’s Republic of…

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I think it’s a good thing she finally disassociated herself to Sir Michael’s regime. Their defiant response to the mutiny attempt is something they should be ashamed of. I also think we should now be asking why the increased effort in regaining power especially on the eve of the general elections.

A new government will soon be in place so why are they trying so hard?

Masalai blog

By Reginald Renagi

I admire Dame Carol Kidu and was very impressed with her when she just disassociated herself from the MTS [Michael T Somare] mob. As technically we do not have a parliamentary opposition, it would be real good if the Dame took up the challenge of sitting there and taking the men to task on the ‘hard questions’. So I just requested her on what her future intentions may be and this is the Dame’s candid response:

“I am amazed how people are so interested in analysing my recent actions. Thanks to those who offer words of support – being a politician is not easy. Some posts are assuming that there must be some devious plot and or tactical movement involved.

Sorry to disappoint them, but as the only woman I’ve tended to be a ‘lone ranger’ in my political strategies. I had no alternative than this strategic move.

After 14 and…

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Beware the Bird Trap

Earn more with DestinationsI just noticed an email from Air Niugini Destination warning of someone sending hoax emails sent from an account in India. The email was sent last December and reads:

It has been brought to our attention that hoax emails are being sent from the following email address:

This person and the related email address are in no way connected to nor does he/she act on behalf of Air Niugini.

We strongly advise our members NOT to reply to such emails which may be malicious in their intent and most certainly do misrepresent Air Niugini and are damaging to Air Niugini and its Destinations Loyalty program.

We assure our members that the Destinations database, hosted by Mercator in Dubai, UAE has not been compromised and that the only genuine communications will be from the address or a similar address

If you receive an email from then we suggest you do one of two things:

  1. DELETE the email immediately or
  2. Forward it to then DELETE the email

If you have information regarding the perpetrators of the hoax please inform us immediately via as Air Niugini is pursuing the matter with the view to taking appropriate legal action against the person or persons responsible.

Kind regards

The Destinations Loyalty Program team

Unfortunately, I have not received any follow up messages regarding the hoaxer. However, I hope that such information can be made public so that everyone who travels with the airline is aware of this. And don’t forget to use your Destination Card when you are shopping in affiliated stores or when purchasing your tickets.

Names of Crash Victims Released

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A list of the victims of the Airlines PNG crash in Madang has been officially released by the Police as the nation tries to come to terms with the tragedy. The ill fated flight went down in the Rai Coast area of Madang on October 13. There are only 4 survivors including the two pilots, a cabin crew and a passenger.



Lucas Bako M
Jenny Bal F
Samuel Bid M
Natasha Bonga F
Nathan Bonga M
Paul Konia M
Thomas Kuekue M
Chloe Matlam F
Christine Matlam F
Miria Renagi F
Simon Tiriman M
Sidy Abore M
Patrus Akau M
Ronald Bibi M
Clotilda Bula F
Jeffery Bula M
Saron Doma M
Ian Gagi M
Benedict Kaniu M
David Olobai M
Samson Ote M
Barnabas Philip M
Debura Rabura F
Anki Saiyong M
Robert Sangela M
Mark Save M
Cecilia Wata F
Jeffery Ako M The only crew member to perish in the flight.

The casualty list is the highest in the country’s aviation history and prompts serious questions about the airlines safety procedures.

Qualified Personnel Only

Former Police Commissioner Anthony Wagambie
Former Police Commissioner Anthony Wagambie

The current government is now trimming the edges that the former government failed to do like investigating fraud and corruption. They are also taking a stand to ensure that qualified personnel hold key positions within government agencies. This includes, with advice from the Department of Personnel Management, replacing certain department heads and former Police Commissioner Wagambie is the first.

It comes as no surprise that Wagambie has been replaced. In fact, rumor of his removal had been in the air a couple of weeks ago but only materialised yesterday. He is just the first of a good number of people who are currently in positions that they are under-qualified for or have reached compulsory retirement age under the Public Service Management Act; a few of the names will stun you. However, that will be revealed in due time.

Our hope (and prayer) is that the government will replace these people with qualified individuals instead of putting in their own people – something they have staunchly accused the former regime of doing.

Qualified personnel only, please.

South Pacific Beauty (House Remix) by AKay47 featuring Hanly Logoso

Brand Niu DayPapua New Guinea’s leading DJ, Allen Kedea aka AKay47 has just released a house remix of the hit single South Pacific Beauty on the social network Facebook through The song features Hanly Logoso and will feature in his new album Brand Niu Day. The songs was written specifically for the 2010 Miss South Pacific Pageant held in Port Moresby.

DBTI kicks off sporting fest for 2011

DBTI students
DBTI students during the opening ceremony

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from a former colleague who now works at my former college as the Registrar. She wanted me to participate in the opening of the Don Bosco Technological Institute (DBTI) Sports Fest 2011.

Anyway, yours truly sat in a panel of four judges, rating the performances of the students this morning. It was hard trying to give ratings for creativity when everyone presents something unique. In the end we had to settle with 3 winners for each category. However, it was close with contestants scoring relatively high from the judges.

The Sporting Fest is a long tradition of DBTI and fosters the spirit of unity and chivalry

Computer Technology A's mascot.
This is supposed to be a Polar bear not a werewolf. 😀