Elton presents Enter the Dragon

Papua New Guinea comic Elton Kili is a mini celebrity. When he is on the stage, its laughter all the way. In this video, Elton tells a rather adult joke about a gay man being attacked on his way back to Hanuabada after a night out.

Inspired by Bruce Lee, he fends himself with techniques like Fist of Fury, Donkey Kick and Enter the Dragon. I hope you enjoy this.

Ia or Ass-hul?

Some bus drivers never listen
Some bus drivers never listen.

This is the insulting comment I made to the bus driver this morning and I guess made the passengers’ day. The comment translates; it’s in Tok Pisin by the way, as ‘ear or asshole?’ and was simply a comparison of his ears to his anal opening.

This was triggered by the driver’s ignorance to my request for him to stop at the Waigani Drive bus stop near the Lands Department or more commonly referred to as Islander.

You see instead of slowing down, he sped up and took off. I had to get off at the traffic lights at the corner of Vision City and as I stepped out I called to the driver with my (I think) cleverly crafted comment.

I’m not the first person to be angry and bus drivers and I know I won’t be the last but if you want to insult them, make an impressive insult because with their hearing, I doubt they’ll even hear you.

Nostalgic Teardrops

Bobby Teardrops was one of the first ever movies my parents saw as a couple in Port Moresby. They often tell us about the time when they went to watch the film at the Ward’s Theatre and how a bunch newly recruited police officers were behind them were making fun of the film.

The officers were laughing at how people get emotional at the films. They basically tried to make themselves look tough. However, midway into the film and their ambiance had totally changed. They were all sobbing when Bobby finds the statue of his mother and clings to it.

For those who have no clue about the film I’m talking about then I’ll give you a brief run down. The film is a Turkish classic which was dubbed in English and became a hit in Papua New Guinea (PNG) in the early 80s. It’s basically about a young woman who runs after being rejected by her husband and then gives birth to a son Bobby. Unfortunately, she dies and leaves Bobby all alone. It’s a powerfully emotional film even with the poor dubbing and video quality.

The emotional power of this film broke down the policemen’s tough ulterior and had them sobbing at the end. Mom, of course, was emotional but seemed also amused that a group of grown men would cry at sad movies. As mom told it, it was not only one officer crying but the whole lot of them.

Even today, with the production of so many films, mom still holds Teardrops as one of the saddest films. Yeah, they don’t make em like that anymore.

Joker’s Basket (Volume 1)

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Back in 2008, I compiled a collection of 39 jokes which had been forwarded to me from friends. It made a nice 22 page book which I published on Scribd under the title Joker’s Basket (Volume 1) and it proved quite a hit among readers on the social publication site.

The volume contained popular jokes that had been modified to fit the Papua New Guinean scenario like the Queen of the Air or the timeless Johnny jokes and even the quirky Why We Love Kids.

If you want some jokes then feel free to download or use the Joker’s Basket (Volume 1).

Lost in Translation – Pictures Say It Better

I guess once in a while I get spam from my friends that are actually worth going through. Here is something I received last week. Thanks Daniel for forwarding this.

If you are unsure of something, please ask for help.