An expat leaking information? This could be bigger than we see.

In Parliament this week, Member for Usino-Bundi, Jimmy Uguro, questioned the Minister for Mining, Johnson Tuke about an expatriate working for the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) leaking confidential information to mining companies.

This question has been making rounds around my brain since hearing on radio and then reading about it again this morning (

The minister used them the term ‘leaking‘ but I would have used the word ‘corporate espionage’ to describe it – and by all definitions, it is.

Some people might think I am being melodramatic but it is exactly that – he has been trading information – for what exactly, I am not sure. But I’m pretty sure monetary or other enticements were used.

While the issue was brought to the attention of the mining minister, other leaders need to take this seriously and approach it from a broader perspective. If the accusations are true, and this expat is leaking information, then the implications are far wider than corporate espionage.

MRA is a government entity and the actions of this expat is in fact, against the government and people of the country. It is espionage. Then the implications of these leaks have to be considered also.

How has these leaks affected government dealings with mining companies? And how has it affected the country as a whole? And if he has leaked mining information, then what else?

There is also a high probability that this person may have also disclosed other information to third parties which we are not aware of. This needs a thorough investigation.

Now, I am not saying this person is guilty. That is for the Courts to decide. However, this allegations cannot be taken sitting down, and if true then this person is a security risk to the country and appropriate action needs to be taken.

Author: Bernard Nolan Sinai

I’m a writer, publisher, IT personnel and martial artist.

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