Why SOE is Bougainville 2.0 and why leadership is needed | By Jaive Smare

When I was young boy, I witnessed a leader of the moge tribe in hagen stop his ten thousand strong tribesman by almost sacrificing his life. It was a bone chilling, terrifying experience, a display of leadership that was is a truly cultural phenomena of Western Highlanders.

He stood before them and the path to their anger, and he said “Kill me first” He meant it. His own tribe men were so conflicted, some wanted to kill him. I wached as my mothers people came inches within killing him.

In the end, they cried out of frustration and turned around. He was their leader. A true big man in Western Highlands fights for peace above everything else. Kanges are aggressive. One Kange in the middle of a thousand Engans or SHP will still go toe to toe.

When a Kange wants to fight, there is no backing out of it…

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Author: Bernard Nolan Sinai

I’m a writer, publisher, IT personnel and martial artist.

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