Elton presents Enter the Dragon

Papua New Guinea comic Elton Kili is a mini celebrity. When he is on the stage, its laughter all the way. In this video, Elton tells a rather adult joke about a gay man being attacked on his way back to Hanuabada after a night out.

Inspired by Bruce Lee, he fends himself with techniques like Fist of Fury, Donkey Kick and Enter the Dragon. I hope you enjoy this.

Nick Raicevic tells the ‘Ooh Aah’ Joke

Jokes are a part of any fun gathering and when you have a master orator like Nick Raicevic at the helm then you can’t go wrong. Here he is telling a funny joke about the megapode.

The megapode is a bird that lays its eggs in the ground rather than in a nest. In areas like East New Britain (ENB), the heat from the volcanic soil acts as an incubator.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this – and kudos to Nick.

George Telek sings Barike’s Iau Rabiavi

George Telek is probably the country’s most successful export from the music industry. He has been in the industry since the beginning and is a favorite among young and old. Here he performs his take on one of Barike’s greatest hits – Iau Rabiavi.

This performance was captured at the Port Moresby Motor Sports Club (Car Club) during the farewell for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology Minister Francis Marus and outgoing Secretary Professor David Kavanamur.