Governor Parkop takes swipe at Sir Mekere

NCD Governor, Powes Parkop
NCD Governor, Powes Parkop

National Capital District (NCD) Governor Powes Parkop has taken a swipe at Sir Mekere Morauta after news of his intentions to re-enter politics.

Governor Parkop published a statement on his Facebook account calling the voters in the nation’s capital not to be misled by Mekere’s rhetoric about why he intends to contest the coming election.

He said Sir Mekere’s move is purely for personal gain and is a desperate attempt for the former Prime Minister to protect his position in the Papua New Guinea Sustainable Development Program Ltd (PNGSDP) which has become his [Mekere’s] personal cash cow.

Coming back into politics is his desperate attempt to protect his position in the PNG Sustainable Development Ltd that has become his personal cash cow. This is also to level out his personal feud with the Prime Minister, after PM O’Neill took him to court to put an end to Sir Mekere’s corrupt operation of PNG Sustainable Development Ltd.

Parkop further said that Sir Mekere, during his 15 years in office, failed the people of NCD and the country.

His failures are staggering and almost unbelievable. During his time in Government, he passed a law that gave immunity from prosecution to BHP so they do not have to comply with the Court Orders that landowners of OK Tedi and Fly River had taken out against BHP and Ok Tedi Mining to dredge the two rivers of sedimentation from the mine.

This is the same man, during his time as Prime Minister, students at UPNG were shot dead by police following the protest against the land mobilisation program.

Sir Mekere made his intentions known recently and said that people from all walks of life have been urging him to contest the forthcoming elections. He said they were worried about the country’s state of affairs and the future.

Sir Mekere’s full statement can be read at the Namorong Report blog.

Author: Bernard Nolan Sinai

I’m a writer, publisher, IT personnel and martial artist.

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