Last year, Papua New Guinea (PNG) Prime Minister Peter (PM) O’Neil confronted Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, at the APEC summit in Lima, Peru.

According to The National (November 21, 2016), the PM is cited saying Facbook “is a tool for disruption” especially when “it carries misinformation and malicious lies that are wrong, but are never checked for fact.”

Kudos to the PM for raising your concern with Facebook. Now can the same be done with Post Courier?

Post Courier’s front page on Tuesday (January 17, 2017) had the headline “PNG tops world in ‘porn’ search”. However, it was as misleading as any fake article published on Facebook and libel. It is also not the first time the newspaper has published an article without verifying the facts.

During the FIFA Under 18 Women’s World Cup, the same paper published an article claiming French footballer Valérie Gauvin had a Papua New Guinean heritage – a blood connection to the Goilala people. It turns out she didn’t.

It was embarrassing to say the least.

The fact the newspaper has been publishing articles that are incorrect puts them in the same category as Facebook. They are putting out misinformation – and they are not checking their facts.

The Prime Minister needs to confront the newspaper and hold them accountable for their libelous article. As the old saying goes, “clean up your own backyard before charging into someone else’s.”