I’m feeling disappointed at myself after reading the news about a Papua New Guinean TAFE student in Cairns, Australia arrested and charged for attacking and stealing from a young woman going about her morning walk. There are several reasons for this; however, the biggest one is the thought that I may have recommended this person as eligible for study abroad.

The alleged perpetrator may have been a batch of the government’s TVETSS program which my department is facilitating – and this person may have been one of the students I interviewed.

I cannot be certain because we went through a lot of applicants in one week and I guess you can’t remember every one of them. If I had interviewed him then I’m disappointed with myself for not being able to catch on to his behavior.

Normally I can tell based on appearance and presentation people whose minds are not ready to meet the outside world. It’s pretty easy; all you have to see is the person’s presentation, and body language. Of course, I always take into account that being interviewed can make people nervous.

I am also disappointed that this person has smeared the good work that the department and government has been doing. The scholarship has cost the government quite a lot of money and as a privileged citizen should have been grateful. Instead he opted to attack a woman and steal her phone – but I fear his intentions may have been more animistic disgusting.

Now, I’m going to stop my rambling here, but I assure you, the next time I go into an interview I will be very critical with my assessment.