Month: September 2015

30 Day – 30 Posts

30 Day – 30 Posts

Okay, I’ve completed the 30 Day – 30 Post Challenge I set myself. When I started writing a few posts for my tech blog Bernardo’s Bag of Beans I decided to put 1 post up every day until the end of the month. I did not make it public because I had doubts if I could achieve it but I did.

It was a bit hectic and I did get help along the way. I re-posted from AtContent; a content sharing website I’m a member of to fill in the gaps and I also double posted on certain days. However, this has finally ended with a total of more than 30 posts. The last one will be published tomorrow.

In an effort to make my blog richer, I’ve decided to publish at least once a week from now on. This will enable me to research more into content that interests me and I’m sure would be education for my readers and followers.

My last post for this month will be a review of a Pisen power bank I purchased in Wuhan a few months ago.

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read my posts and please ask me a question or comment on the blog if there’s anything you want to know.