Unity Anthem – Steven M & the PNGSIWA [Music Video]

I usually don’t critique music videos (not on the blog anyway) but when I visited China last month, I had the opportunity to meet Papua New Guinean students studying in Wuhan city, Hubei province.

They had just formed an association and were in the process of getting it registered. In a show of unity, the students decided to record a song called ‘Unity Anthem’.

The song is basically summarizes what their newly formed association is about and yesterday, music producer Steven M, who is one of the founding members of the association, uploaded the music video on Youtube.

The video features students from the association and members of Steven’s family; his wife Esther and their beautiful daughter Nini. Unfortunately, son TK was not featured, but you know how boys are.

The video showcases the title theme of unity as a country of diverse cultures and incorporated into the introduction is the lowering of the Australian flag, and hoisting of our national colours. It signifies our independence, our birth as a nation, but is also gives us a perspective – to look back and re-evaluate our progress as a nation.

Another significant thing about the video is that was recorded in China and whilst the singers seem happy to be together, you can feel that deep yearning in their voices for their homeland. You can feel it in the song.

As we are nearing our 40th anniversary, the song’s lyrics should transcend beyond the borders of Wuhan and into the hearts of fellow Papua New Guineans all over the world and especially in our beautiful country.

I hope you find the song as unifying as I have.

God bless Papua New Guinea.