28 Days in China – PNG Students in Wuhan

During my trip to China, I spent most of my time in Wuhan where I also met a large number of Papua New Guinea students attending various institutes of higher learning there. This is largely thanks to my colleague Steven Matainaho who received his Master’s degree there a few days before my arrival.

There are more PNG students in Wuhan than any other city in China and it was only appropriate that they form an association; PNG Students in Wuhan Association (PNGSIWA).

One of the first things that they did was to write and record a song, Unity Anthem, to capture the goals of their association – and bring them closer together.

According to Steven, it is a powerful song written by the association’s founding President, Daniel Kereka:

This is a powerful song of unity for Papua New Guinea. It was written primarily for the PNG Students in Wuhan, China (PNGSIWA) with an objective to strengthen the sense of nationalism amongst its members so that upon returning home, they will have a sense of pride and responsibility to our Country. This song also recognizes that with PNG being the most diverse country in the world, it faces unique development challenges – and thus (political) unity is the way forward.

This song is 100% original. It was written by the founding President of the PNGSIWA Daniel Kereka. It was co-written by Steven Matainaho, and Dr. Fifaia Matainaho. The tune and arrangements is all original.

Other then Steven M, there are almost 40 voices recorded representing a good percentage of Papua New Guineans in China. All four regions of PNG are represented. This song was done For our people By our people!

There will also be another version where we hope to feature one of the 2015 Vocal Fusion finalists (fingers crossed).

This song maintains a Pop Ballad style which has a simple melody and meaningful but yet simple lyrics so at the end of the day it is simple for any PNGean to sing along too…after all that is what an Anthem is all about.

This song was conceptualized primarily for the PNGSIWA but has a broader goal of promoting unity in diversity. It is not in anyway an official Pacific games song, etc…therefore it is titled ‘Unity Anthem – PNG’ and not ‘PNG Unity Anthem’.

Steven recorded the song and edited a video (which should be online soon). The song is shared on SoundCloud. However, I have 4 CD Baby download codes to give away to the first four people to subscribe to this blog.

You can use the code to download the song for free at www.cdbaby.com/redeem

28 Days in China – Panda at the Beijing Zoo

Something I had to see while in China was a live panda and I got that chance in Beijing. Unfortunately, it was not part of the tour schedule (it should have been), but we managed to visit the zoo while our colleagues were at the Silk Market. Here is a video I took of this cute furry black, white and endangered animal.

28 Days in China – Introduction

On June 23 I traveled to China for a seminar of 4G Wireless Network Technologies for Developing Countries. Whilst I was there, I was unable to access social media without a VPN connection or update my blog. However, I took pictures and videos. Here are some of my adventures.

I will not be writing in chronological order. It will just be stories about my adventures and misadventures with friends.

I hope you enjoy.

Our visit to the Hubei Museum.
Our visit to the Hubei Museum.