Month: June 2015

I’m Off to China Next Week!

I’m Off to China Next Week!

Okay, whilst everyone in Papua New Guinea (PNG) will be into the XV Pacific Games in Port Moresby I will be miles away in China for a two week seminar on 4G Wireless Communication Networks in Developing Countries.

This will be my first trip out of the Pacific and I’m feeling a bit nervous. However, I’m also super excited to visit the largest economy in the world, and I’m looking forward to enhancing my understanding of 4G technology.

I will travel there on Monday (22 June) via Hong Kong. Mr Wang from the Chinese Embassy will email my itinerary and e-ticket tomorrow. However, I have not bought any clothes to suite the weather there yet.

I hope to get some travel allowance tomorrow and do that this week.

Anyway, I will try to update my travel (fingers crossed) if I can access WordPress in China.

Just a request. If you are watching the games and cheering, please double the cheering because you’ll be doing it for both of us.