Month: December 2014

Steven M’s Work It Out

Steven M’s Work It Out

The single’s album cover.

A colleague of mine, Steven Matainaho (Steven M for short) who studying in China recently forwarded a copy of his latest single to me and I like the tune.

It blends a uniquely catchy mix of Island Reggae, Hip-Hop and PNG Pop which is sure to tag a following once it hits the airways.

The single, Work It Out, is a collaboration with Justin Wellington and Hausboi’s John Faunt. It has been released under the Mangrove label; a move many Papua New Guinean and Pacific artists are taking.

He now joins the list of artists including Hausboi, Ansolm, Justin Wellington and Shazry who have released under the New Caledonian label.

Steven has also informed me that the music video will be coming out soon and we get first dibs on reviewing it.