Oceania Karate Championships – Day 4

Today is the third day and the start of formal competition. The event was also enhanced with the presence of the World Karate Federation (WKF) President Mr Antonia Espinos and Oceania Karate Federation (OKF) President Mrs Makarita Lenoa.

WKF President
WKF President, Mr Antonio Espinos giving his speech during the opening ceremony.

The kata events were first in line, followed by the children and cadet kumité. Unfortunately, our kata competitors did not win any gold medals but we managed a silver and a couple of bronze medals. However, tomorrow the bulk of our athletes will compete and there are a few gold medal potentials.

Male Kata Team
Our male kata team; Cosmas, Nigel and Leonard.

Team PNG also squeezed in their own version of the hakka after the Kiwis decided to put up a challenge. The Fijians, New Caledonians and Tahitians also took the challenge by the Kiwis head on.

Kiwi Hakka
The Kiwis doing the hakka.

While the team were busy supporting our athletes Llane and I were preoccupied helping Philomena with the SET system and other table duties so we did not have much time to cheer our team. However, it seems we have strong support among the local wantoks.

Also today another member of our delegation, Sensei Roy Stanley arrived, and hopefully the moral support will stir and inspire our athletes to go out there and do their best.

We will formally send out the results to the media once the competition has ended.

Author: Bernard Nolan Sinai

I’m a writer, publisher, IT personnel and martial artist.

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