On the coach to Yat Sen hall for training.

Today, the athletes trained at Yat Sen Hall for about an hour before heading back to the hotel for a break and lunch. This was followed by accreditation and weigh-in by the athletes.

Male athletes
The male athletes ready for weigh-in and accreditation
Ms Angela
Ms Angela Birch of Fiji Karate processing the athletes for weigh-in.

Later in the evening, the team returned to the hall for another round of training and preparation.

Final preparations.
Final preparations.

Sensei Trevor Roberts concentrated on the kata competitors while coaches Sensei David Wallace and Sempai Willie Leslie polished their athletes’ kumité techniques.

Calm before the storm.
Calm before the storm…at least that’s what Sensei Trevor says.

The team is confident of a strong performance and we are optimistic on the prospect of gold in a few divisions.