This is very worrying.

Masalai blog

By Emmanuel Bobola

PNG will soon be bossed around by Digicel PNG who has enormous political support with goals that are not in line with the goals of this Nation.

They are not evil, they are a good company, but their motives and goals are to serve their shareholders and to make as much profit as possible. It is money that fuels this whole thing and since the acquisition of Online Pacific (Datanets) and Remington ISP & VSAT and now Daltron ISP & VSAT, Digicel is poised to dominate the Internet services much as it has with mobile phone services in PNG.

This domination by Digicel in 2014 and onward is a worrying trend. Communications (Internet) like electricity can enhance the lives of PNGeans if it is affordable; however the looming Internet monopoly can have serious negative effects on our economy. must not become a luxury to be afforded…

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