Amendment taking a chunk out of our democracy

The proposed amendments to the constitution to allow dual citizenship comes as welcome news for many Papua New Guineans. However, blogger Emmanuel Narakobi of Masalai blog has brought to light some serious implications that could essentially violate our democratic rights.

According to Emmanuel’s blog post, a clause in the amendment states that:

“…in accordance with the repeal provision and in respect of the process of grant of citizenship or the grant of citizenship to such a person, it is hereby declared that that process or grant shall not be questioned, reviewed or appealed against in any court of law and a decision made or any action taken by the Minister in relation to that process of grant of citizenship or grant of citizenship to such person is final and non-justiciable.”

This will undoubtedly give the minister responsible all the powers in the world to grant citizenship without anyone questioning him or her. Now, be mindful, this doesn’t only apply to PNG citizens wanting to become citizens of another country but also foreigners who wish to become PNG citizens.

It also makes it illegal for anyone to question granting of citizenship. Now, if Indonesian fugitive Djoko Tjandra is given citizenship under these laws, then there is nothing you or I can do about it.

I welcome the idea of dual citizenship but thanks to Emmanuel’s post, I think we need to peruse the fine print before making a decision.

Read the fine print before signing. Image via

Mitsubishi RVR 2001 Sports Gear Aero up for urgent sale

Larry Cunanan (Lars) is selling his Mitsubishi RVR 2001 Sports Gear Aero.

Front view of the vehicle

The auto-transmission, petrol engine vehicle is in good condition and has clocked 195,000km. It also comes with spoiler, step board, air condition, alloy rims, car stereo with good sound system and tinted windows.

Side from the back angle

Larry is trying to urgently sell the vehicle for K30, 000 or nearest offer so he can assist his family in the Philippines who were affected by the devastating Typhoon Haiyan.

Side view from the front angle.

If you want to buy Larry’s car then call him on 7631 3369

Mekere Morauta says ‘No One is Safe’ in PNG

Masalai blog


By Mekere Morauta, KCMG
Former Prime Minister

No one feels free.

We live in fear, with our mouths shut. We see, but we don’t talk.

Ministers are afraid to speak their minds, fearing they will lose their job.

Provincial Governors are afraid to speak their minds, fearing their province will be starved of  funds.

Backbenchers are afraid to speak their minds, fearing they will never become ministers, that their District funds will not be paid, and promise of funding for other projects will not materialise.

The private sector is afraid to speak at all, fearing threats to business, loss of contracts, and now even forced takeover.

Papua New Guineans are afraid to speak their minds, fearing harm to themselves, their family members, their business interests.

Expatriates living here are afraid to express views, fearing deportation.

No one is safe.

In Brisbane recently the Prime Minister joked when asked by a…

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Kokopo Beach Bungalow Restort, my home for the week

KBBR is my home for the week.
KBBR is my home for the week.

This week I am on duty travel to East New Britain (ENB) with my boss Lonnie. We are here to collect data for the Annual Survey of Institutes of Higher Education (ASIHE) and Kokopo Beach Bungalow Resort will be my home until Saturday.

My bungalow
My bungalow

The resort is great with friendly staff and great bungalows. However, I faced a funny situation when I first got there.

My bathroom.
My bathroom.

On the first day, we checked in and I was given room 43 but when I rushed in I found someone in the room. Fortunately, the person was asleep – and clothed! It would have been a nasty surprise if he wasn’t.

The view of the pool from my bungalow.
The view of the pool from my bungalow.

Anyway, I was promptly given another room and today moved to another. However, the staffs are pretty friendly and I am satisfied with the service.

The food is great but the menu is not available on Sundays so you’ll have to be content with barbecue. On the bright side, continental breakfast is complimentary and you get to have the province’s fresh fruit for to welcome the day.

Continental breakfast is complimentary and fresh.
Continental breakfast is complimentary and fresh.

There is also a pool but who needs it when you can enjoy nature’s own pool – the beach, which has amazing views of the volcanic islands.

A great view from the beach.
A great view from the beach.

Now, if you don’t want to get your feet wet and sandy then simply enjoying the view from the resort’s deck is definitely something you can enjoy – if you are not scared of heights.

The deck - if you are not afraid of heights.
The deck – if you are not afraid of heights.

I check out on Sunday but I’ve enjoyed my stay so far and this place will obviously be my choice of accommodation the next time I visit Kokopo.