Month: August 2013

Ricochet café and their coconut creamed rice

Ricochet café and their coconut creamed rice

Ricochet café and their coconut creamed rice

If you ever get tired of eating the same thing everyday then you should try Ricochet Café and their coconut creamed rice. Yes, coconut creamed!

Thank you Kelsey and Nathan

Kelsey and Nathan
Kelsey and Nathan

We don’t get to see how much we are appreciated until someone does something for us that completely blows our minds. For me, it’s the recent acts of my niece and nephew that have completely touched my heart in such a profound way.

As you may have known, I was recently selected to represent Papua New Guinea (PNG) in the Fiji International Open Titles in September and I have to pay K3000 levy. I am currently writing to sponsors and I’ve already got a few family members committing funds. However, the first to donate were my niece, Kelsey, and her brother Nathan who deposited K200 to my account today.

It might sound like a small amount to readers but you have to understand that these two are in grade school and they worked hard to raise the money.

Kelsey, as her mother told me, sold Digicel Top Up and Nathan sold cans – an amazing feat considering I only told them about this last month.

Their contribution has also rekindled and revitalised my spirits. Now, I have to try and win a medal or at least make it into the finals so I can come back tell them their hard work has not been wasted.

Thank you Kelsey and Nathan.