Passport worries.

Okay, I received a text yesterday informing me (and others) that many of the athletes selected for the tournament in Fiji have not submitted their passports to the Papua New Guinea Karate-do Federation (PNGKF) officials.

According to the message, Air Niugini now requires passports before international bookings are done, and by the 9th of August, President of the Federation, Sensei Carl Mari, will advise the airline to book seats for athletes who have submitted their passports.

This has now got me racing against time to get a passport. It costs only a K100 for a passport but sometimes these documents are processed fast enough. In fact, the Immigration office advices that application should be done at least three weeks before traveling.

Anyway, I’ve already filled in an application form and I just need to get a passport sized photo for the document. However, I’ll have to clean up first with a haircut and shave.

Meanwhile, I’ve also been advised by my senior, Sailas Piskaut, that I cannot accompany him to Australia for his shodan grading in October. I was hoping that I could go there to do my kyu grading but Shihan Cameron has adviced that the grading will only be for dan grades.

If Sailas is successful, and I have no doubt he will be, then he will become second highest grade in Kyokushin in the country.


Author: Bernard Nolan Sinai

I’m a writer, publisher, IT personnel and martial artist.

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