Post Courier’s Early Edition

Post Courier's Early Edition

Does anyone recall the Early Edition series that used to air on Hallmark?

I was a fan (still am) of Kyle Chandler’s newspaper that came a day early, giving him time to help people and change the future.

Anyway, I think I got a glimpse of this TV reality by buying Thursday’s edition today (Wednesday in Port Moresby). Of course, I did not notice this until a colleague pointed it out.

Ironically, my colleague who spotted the mistake has only one eye!

Why are kids not in school?

I’ve noticed a good number of school aged children not where they are supposed to be at certain times of the day.

In May I took a video of this kid selling newspapers along the Waigani Drive. When I asked him why he was not in school, he gave me a blank look. However, he is not the only one.

Around the town area you will find them trying to direct the chaotic traffic even during school days. So why aren’t they in school?

The parents have been greatly assisted with the government’s tuition fee free subsidy so why aren’t they making sure their children go to school?

I think welfare and social workers should start doing something about this as they kid are being deprived the right to an education, be it their own fault or their parents.

If we all just spectate then we are all culpable for the future of these kids.

Cyber crime threatens Papua New Guineans

Cyber Crime in Papua New Guinea

By: Priscilla Afuale’efi

As the technology in Papua New Guinea is advancing cyber crime is becoming a threat to many Papua New Guineans today.

“The IT industry in Papua New Guinea is still growing therefore with the latest technology gadgets cyber crime is a concern,” says Gabriel Kambe Manager ICT Infrastructure at Divine Word University.

He says the latest android mobile phones used by the younger generation today are at threat of becoming victims of cyber criminals because they are new to the internet as they are still learning to explore it.

“Cyber crime is using the internet to do offensive outlaw activities,” says Ms Marianne Bagore an Information Systems Lecturer at Divine Word University.

Ms Bagore says cyber crime includes stealing confidential information from individuals or organisations and selling it to others, hacking into accounts or telephone systems, cyber bullying, using scam emails to lure people to send money or…

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