Bribery claims in police recruitment only the tip of the iceberg

DSCF4029I was quite happy to read about the bribery allegation in the recruitment process in the highlands (The National – April 28, page 16), not because I found it fascinating but because someone is finally coming out about it. Unfortunately, the due process of bribing ones way into an institution is nothing new and like the deeply rooted “10% commission gang” has a hold in many institutions.

A couple of years ago when the first TVETSSP applicants came in, I was asked to verify certain information, especially certificates. What I discovered was shocking – a good number of applicants were using forged certificates. However, my job was only to verify so I forwarded the information back to the officers responsible for screening the applicants.

More recently, a little birdie told me about the good number of applicants to the University of Papua New Guinea’s (UPNG) Business Administration school having forged documents…and how some with questionable documentation managed to make their way into the university.

In fact, we hear the VC is taking measure to have these practices eradicated and the prestige of our premier university restored. This has resulted in a number of new vacancies created within the school.

A good friend and former student of the University of Technology (Unitech) also told tales about students paying for spots in certain schools especially in highly sought after departments.

I have also heard people on the streets talking about buying spacing for the children in the primary and secondary level. It seems money does do a lot of walking.

The very fact that stories and allegations of bribery and cheating have surfaced in all levels and institutions puts the credibility of everyone in doubt. Did this person qualify for the job on merit? Or did they buy their way in? Did this student really earn his place in university? Or did he pay a handsome sum for it?

The recent claim by the police recruitment team in the highlands is just the tip of the iceberg and if our government is serious about weeding out corruption then it should start there and work its way to every government department and institution.

Author: Bernard Nolan Sinai

I’m a writer, publisher, IT personnel and martial artist.

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