Does this represent the “all seeing eye” in Illuminati lore?

I’m a sucker for conspiracy theories, secret societies and alien stories. The conspiracy theorists are so convincing that it’s not surprising that many people believe in this stuff.

Personally, I think some secret societies exist and some conspiracy theories are true. I’m also open to the possibility that we may not be alone in this vast universe.

So it was no surprise that an article written on HubPages by Eric L. Andrews about Illuminati symbols in the 2012 Summer Olympics caught my attention. The article or hub titled “The Mysterious 2012 London Olympics” showcases a variety of symbols used in this international sporting event.

According to Andrews, the Games mascot, the stadium design and even the logo resemble signs associated with many secret societies. It’s like a script from National Treasure or The Da Vinci Code but this time the symbols are in very public areas.

If you are interested in stuff like this then why not browse over and have a read.