The Facebook photo saga that prompted uproar from Papua New Guineans and friends all over has taken another turn – this time back at us.

It seems that the 1963 Act that covers this is outdated and the perpetrators of the racially oriented notice could not be charged. According to yesterday’s news on EMTV, the police officer said that they could not charge the two Asian store managers because the law is outdated. But does this mean that racism is outdated?

The ugly truth is that we have neglected to move with the times and thus we are now being legally exploited by expatriates like these two. They got away with it because of a technicality, a loop hole, which we failed to close. Hopefully, now that it has been identified, we can close it and send a message to the world that we will not tolerate racism.   

The law might be “outdated” but racism is not.