Online Money Making Opportunities for the Average Papua New Guinean

Adsense Checque
50 Golden Blogging Tips For Business
50 Golden Blogging Tips For Business (Photo credit: Kris Olin)

The internet has opened the door to many Papua New Guineans to earn a bit of extra income. I know most of us are already stretching the budget and even a K20 at the end of the month would be a welcome relief. The internet gives us that opportunity. But how exactly, you might ask? We’ll there are several ways.


Firstly, you could blog. Now, many envision blogging with only social commenting. However, it can also be used to drive a business and even sell products. Some people in countries like the US, Britain and Australia make their living out of this. So how do you make money from blogs? There are a number of ways.

Adsense Checque
My first cheque from Google’s Adsense program.

You can monetize your blog by applying for Google’s AdSense program. If approved, advertisements will be displayed on your blog and you make money every time someone visits your blog or clicks on them. In order to use this you will need a blog on, a Visa Debit card or equivalent and a account.

You can also promote products for business for a certain fee. Now, the trick to this is to charge small amounts like say K20 per month to promote a certain product for a company. However, you do not restrict yourself to promoting from one company but from as many as you can. Take for example, if I promote different products from 20 different companies for K20 per month, I would end up making K400 per month. Not bad considering it only takes a few hours each night for you to do this.

If you would rather sell your own products then this is a great way to promote your bilums, carvings etc. or you could sell products from affiliated sites like Amazon, eBay etc. However, this a very tough market because a lot of people are in it.

Another way is ‘shadow blogging’. This basically means you are hired to blog for a company or individual. You can either charge them for time or page. Of course, you will have to work this out with them. It’s a lot like promoting certain products but in this case you are promoting the companies. You will also be writing under the company you are hired to.

Community websites

Community user generated websites like HubPages and Squidoo are great ways to make money. You write content and get paid according to the traffic you generate much in the same way as you would on AdSense. It won’t be that much and you will only get paid after you reach $100 but if get enough traffic you might just make a decent living out of it.

HubPages it is a bit difficult to get started making money because you will need an approved AdSense account, you need an Amazon affiliate account and an eBay affiliate account. Fortunately, these are free and easy to create (if you don’t mind waiting for approval). Squidoo is a bit easier.

For Squidoo all you need is a account and you are off. However, it might take you a while to start generating some money.

Social media

You can also make money by promoting products using social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and many others. This is a fun activity and could be incorporated into your leisure social online activities. You can then earn a bit more by using URL shortening services like

This service shortens your URL but directs you to an ad page before going to your intended content. I find this too intrusive so I always change the advertisement to framed banner. It makes less money but is less intrusive (which is a good thing).

Let’s get started

Now that I’ve shared some ways that can be used to make money online, I hope you can start researching and expanding. There are many more ways to make money online. We just need to creative enough to think of them.

You must also be aware that it will take some work and you will not get rich overnight or start earning instantly. However, if you keep at it then the money will come.

Before I log off, I will leave you with a quote from US politician David Bly,

Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted

Author: Bernard Nolan Sinai

I’m a writer, publisher, IT personnel and martial artist.

36 thoughts on “Online Money Making Opportunities for the Average Papua New Guinean”

  1. I have some heavy commissions posted to my gmail account from various internet sites that I have been registered with and have been working with online…but I can’t collect them.. I have open a paypal account but the balance remains at US$0.00. Do you or ANYBODY have any idea how I can collect them??????


    1. Hi Brulee, Paypal wont allow third world countries like us to receive money from outside. They are afraid of scams and money laundering. The PNG papal account is called a send only account. Meaning you can make purchase online but nonap long receivim any money.
      Your best bet is to ask the people your working with to send you check or have them wire the money.
      I have been marketing full time online for over 7 years. Contact me if you need any help.

      1. Today we are living in the age of science and technology and by now every or most Papua New Guineans who have some knowledge of and/or have access to internet are longing to make money on line through hundreds of money making software techs and networks available on the internet.
        Can the government of PNG via the commercial Banks through adaptable and exchangeable banking software tech (policies) to open up money transactions and banking gateways in and out of PNG.

        One of the solution to PNG’s financial crises (shortage and inflation) is to allow PNG Visa card, PayPal and other internet Banking services to receive money from overseas and made payments anywhere in the world through internet services.

        Make Papua New Guineans financial independence please.

  2. Great starter list, well done.

    Re PayPal, I tried opening an account but found PNG accounts can only be used to buy online and send payments. I had to open a Payoneer Mastercard account which can be linked to PayPal to receive payments. FYI Payoneer have a good referral program which rewards account holders USD25 for referring a friend, payable after total referrals reaches USD100. The friend will also receive USD25. Check out the details on their website. If you want to apply and also take advantage of this offer, feel free to contact me for a referral through my blog

    Hope this helps!

    1. I’m a beginner with great interest in signing up with Google’s AdSense Program. Currently, I’m doing researching and collecting vital infos that will greatly assist me.
      Please can u share more light into establishing a Payoneer MasterCard Account. Hope it will greatly aid in receiving monthly AdSense Payments.


      1. It wont work buddy, if your ip address is from Papau New Guinea. Payoneer account will work just fine but you cant hook that account with paypal to receive payments. PNG is on the pay only list of countries…..meaning you can use you PNG paypal account to pay for stuff only but not receive.
        Been there done that, I even contacted paypal and they said maybe in the future they’ll allow us to receive payments.

  3. Hello blogger. I just found your blog helpful because I’ve been searching for this for a long time. I did joined some website group and they have sent me sum of money asking me to give them the account but I didn’t have any. As I’m writing I only have Student card with BSP. Is it possible for me to use my student card to obtain the money or do I need other type of credit card before I can open my FYI Payoneer Mastercard account as you’ve posted above.

    1. Hi Lester, I’m not sure if you can use your Sumatin Card. You will have to inquire directly with BSP. Call them on 321 1212, I’m sure they will be more than happy to help.

      On the issue of Payoneer, I’m not sure. I don’t have an account with them but from the comments from the readers I don’t think it will work.

  4. Thanks Bernard for your information. I have been meaning to try this for a while but didn’t know how to from PNG. Will definately give it a go.


  5. Thanks guys its been great reading about your comments.It was so helpful.I was looking for such information for a longtime till I caught up with this blog.
    However can anyone advice me,if I want to open a payoneer mastercard account,would it with the banks

  6. Thank you guys very much for your comments.It was so helpful.However,I have a question here; Will the “Payoneer MasterCard Account” be opened with the banks or with site such as eBay/amazon or google

  7. Hi! So can someone confirm for me, that when they linked there paypal business acc to thier payoneer acc they actually were able to transfer funds from their into thier papua new guinean local bank account! Am struggling with adding my card to the paypal business acc, i did have it linked to my paypal personal acc just fine…but it cant seem to happen with the paypal business acc…

  8. Firstly, its a great pointer thankyou. I was looking into these questions. Some questions if you can answer them. What payment gateway did as per cheque above? Would you know of anyone using the Westpac payment gateway with success? What do you think of Payoneer?

    1. Truth is I have only been able to receive payments from AdSense through electronic transfer. Cheques were great but it took a while to arrive and the banks charge a high fee for processing.

      I do not know anyone using Westpac’s payment gateway and I have not used and cannot recommend Payoneer.

  9. Thanks for the information Bernard, very interesting and helpful. Since Paypal and Payoneer are not that suitable for most Papua New Guineans, just by reading all the comments, what is the next best thing? At the beginning of your blog, there’s a picture of your first cheque received from the Google Ad Sense program. Can you elaborate on how you can receive those types of cheques (international) and how to go about with PNG Banks? Thanks

    1. Hi Naivasha, I received my first Google cheque through postal mail and it took almost 2 months to reach me. It was just a US$100 but I was over the moon.

      As far as banking is concerned, you don’t have to worry, your commercial bank should take care of that. All I did was deposit the cheque and my commercial bank did the clearance (as well as take their fee).

    1. Unfortunately, we are not able to receive payment in PNG from PayPal.

      If you have some payment and cannot receive then I would suggest finding a friend who has an overseas PayPal account and use their account.

      I recently did that with my niece who went to school in Australia and had a PayPal account there.

  10. Hi Benard, I would like to create a blog how do I go about as a beginner. When I surf the web it’s asking for a domain fee and all that. Is there any Bloggers/Blog businesses available in PNG that I can get assistance from them. Thank you.

    1. Hi Doris, most ICT companies can help with settting up a domain but it can be a bit expensive especially with a PNG domain ( etc).

      Most international hosting service providers like HostGator, GoDaddy, BlueHost etc will offer hosting and domain name registration – but you will need a VISA card or equivalent to do this.

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