50 Golden Blogging Tips For Business
50 Golden Blogging Tips For Business (Photo credit: Kris Olin)

The internet has opened the door to many Papua New Guineans to earn a bit of extra income. I know most of us are already stretching the budget and even a K20 at the end of the month would be a welcome relief. The internet gives us that opportunity. But how exactly, you might ask? We’ll there are several ways.


Firstly, you could blog. Now, many envision blogging with only social commenting. However, it can also be used to drive a business and even sell products. Some people in countries like the US, Britain and Australia make their living out of this. So how do you make money from blogs? There are a number of ways.

Adsense Checque
My first cheque from Google’s Adsense program.

You can monetize your blog by applying for Google’s AdSense program. If approved, advertisements will be displayed on your blog and you make money every time someone visits your blog or clicks on them. In order to use this you will need a blog on Blogger.com, a Visa Debit card or equivalent and a PayPal.com account.

You can also promote products for business for a certain fee. Now, the trick to this is to charge small amounts like say K20 per month to promote a certain product for a company. However, you do not restrict yourself to promoting from one company but from as many as you can. Take for example, if I promote different products from 20 different companies for K20 per month, I would end up making K400 per month. Not bad considering it only takes a few hours each night for you to do this.

If you would rather sell your own products then this is a great way to promote your bilums, carvings etc. or you could sell products from affiliated sites like Amazon, eBay etc. However, this a very tough market because a lot of people are in it.

Another way is ‘shadow blogging’. This basically means you are hired to blog for a company or individual. You can either charge them for time or page. Of course, you will have to work this out with them. It’s a lot like promoting certain products but in this case you are promoting the companies. You will also be writing under the company you are hired to.

Community websites

Community user generated websites like HubPages and Squidoo are great ways to make money. You write content and get paid according to the traffic you generate much in the same way as you would on AdSense. It won’t be that much and you will only get paid after you reach $100 but if get enough traffic you might just make a decent living out of it.

HubPages it is a bit difficult to get started making money because you will need an approved AdSense account, you need an Amazon affiliate account and an eBay affiliate account. Fortunately, these are free and easy to create (if you don’t mind waiting for approval). Squidoo is a bit easier.

For Squidoo all you need is a PayPal.com account and you are off. However, it might take you a while to start generating some money.

Social media

You can also make money by promoting products using social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and many others. This is a fun activity and could be incorporated into your leisure social online activities. You can then earn a bit more by using URL shortening services like Adf.ly.

This service shortens your URL but directs you to an ad page before going to your intended content. I find this too intrusive so I always change the advertisement to framed banner. It makes less money but is less intrusive (which is a good thing).

Let’s get started

Now that I’ve shared some ways that can be used to make money online, I hope you can start researching and expanding. There are many more ways to make money online. We just need to creative enough to think of them.

You must also be aware that it will take some work and you will not get rich overnight or start earning instantly. However, if you keep at it then the money will come.

Before I log off, I will leave you with a quote from US politician David Bly,

Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted