Book review: Desperation

The master of horror and the creepy Stephen King definitely sets a feeling of desperation in his 1996 novel “Desperation”. A fictional town created by the master of macabre, she become host to a terrifying evil that has just been let loose from the pits of the Earth.

The appropriately titled novel tells the story of several travelers who are seemingly abducted randomly and brought to the town by the local sheriff. Unfortunately, from the very beginning they find out that things are now well in this mining town.

King tells the story from several point of views, each character developed independently yet as they are drawn closer become intertwined like strands that come together to make a rope. Each has their own perspective on evil and beliefs. However, the most interesting character is David Carver.

Carver is the main character that had me glued to the book. He had a certain mystery about him that King would eventually reveal but it made the story more digestible and believable. But in true King style, he does the same for all the characters, chipping away layers in each chapter to reveal the core.

The book, although and old one, will definitely put a chill down your spine.

Author: Bernard Nolan Sinai

I’m a writer, publisher, IT personnel and martial artist.

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