Korojih water supply opening
Villagers giving baskets as a sign of appreciation and thanks to the Open MP and his delegates.

Korojih village in the Pobuma LLG in Manus officially opened their water supply taps last month. The project, an initiative of the office of the Open MP in collaboration with Rotary Australia, was officially opened by Manus Open MP and Minister for Fisheries, Hon. Job Pomat, on April 4, 2012.

The opening brought mixed reactions as it coincided with the burial of the MP’s Press Officer, Mr. Hosea Mark, who played a major role in securing funding for the project.

Mr. Pomat, in his speech, asked them to name it in honour of the late Hosea Mark. He also asked them to take care of the project. He said the late Hosea would have wanted that.

The opening was also attended by representatives from the 12 LLGs in Manus.

The water supply
Andrew Nombay drinking water from the supply. There are 21 taps and showers like this in the village.

The project, while funded by the Open MP’s office, was developed by a team of volunteers from Rotary Australia led by president of the Argyle Rotary Club in Australia, Wilbur Clarke.

The team had initially visited the village in October 2011 and built a small dam and later implemented a plumbing system to 21 concrete based taps and showers in the village. The project was completed in March 2012.

According to local Councillor, Joseph Sapasan, this has been the largest government-funded project in the village since independence.