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I’m also greatly against the idea of undersea mining because we still don’t have enough data to really understand and appreciate how life a few km under affects the ecosystem on land and shallow waters or the same way we failed to understand the impacts of logging in the ecosystem until carbon dioxide became a problem. Thanks to the efforts of people like Cameron, we may be able to finally sink into the deep mystery of the sea.

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Hollywood Director, Explorer and Environmentalist James Cameron and his crew are in PNG at the moment conducting test dives for a new undersea vehicle before heading to the Mariana Trench deep in the Pacific Ocean. The part of the trench known as Challenger Deep, north of PNG, is the deepest known point of the world’s oceans, reaching down to nearly 11,000 metres.

James will be testing his new Australian built undersea vehicle in the deep waters off Jacquinot Bay in Pomio, East New Britain. He has funded the development of the undersea vehicle for his Challenger Deep trip, which a documentary is expected to be made from and research will most likely influence his sequel to Avatar which is said to be set in the oceans of his fictional planet, Pandora. (You can read more about James’ Challenger Deep trip here and here.)

Now aside from all the glamour of James’ Hollywood career, I’ve come to appreciate the fact that James…

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