Some bus drivers never listen
Some bus drivers never listen.

This is the insulting comment I made to the bus driver this morning and I guess made the passengers’ day. The comment translates; it’s in Tok Pisin by the way, as ‘ear or asshole?’ and was simply a comparison of his ears to his anal opening.

This was triggered by the driver’s ignorance to my request for him to stop at the Waigani Drive bus stop near the Lands Department or more commonly referred to as Islander.

You see instead of slowing down, he sped up and took off. I had to get off at the traffic lights at the corner of Vision City and as I stepped out I called to the driver with my (I think) cleverly crafted comment.

I’m not the first person to be angry and bus drivers and I know I won’t be the last but if you want to insult them, make an impressive insult because with their hearing, I doubt they’ll even hear you.