I think it’s a good thing she finally disassociated herself to Sir Michael’s regime. Their defiant response to the mutiny attempt is something they should be ashamed of. I also think we should now be asking why the increased effort in regaining power especially on the eve of the general elections.

A new government will soon be in place so why are they trying so hard?

Masalai blog

By Reginald Renagi

I admire Dame Carol Kidu and was very impressed with her when she just disassociated herself from the MTS [Michael T Somare] mob. As technically we do not have a parliamentary opposition, it would be real good if the Dame took up the challenge of sitting there and taking the men to task on the ‘hard questions’. So I just requested her on what her future intentions may be and this is the Dame’s candid response:

“I am amazed how people are so interested in analysing my recent actions. Thanks to those who offer words of support – being a politician is not easy. Some posts are assuming that there must be some devious plot and or tactical movement involved.

Sorry to disappoint them, but as the only woman I’ve tended to be a ‘lone ranger’ in my political strategies. I had no alternative than this strategic move.

After 14 and…

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Author: Bernard Nolan Sinai

I’m a writer, publisher, IT personnel and martial artist.

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