It’s 2012 and I’m already making my movie list, and first up is none other than the hot Kate Beckinsale in her epic role as Seline in Underworld. Yeah! Underworld fans look out for the Awakening.

Next up is a revival of 21 Jump Street. I grew up watching the TV series and now a new film starring Jonah Hill and Chaning Tatum will be released in March.

I’m also a big sci-fi fan and I cannot go past Men in Black. They are coming back with a third film coming out in May. Oh, and Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are still in it.

I’m also a fan Resident Evil so it’s naturally on the list too.

Finally, but not the least is the Amazing Spiderman. Transferring the love from the comics to the big screen.

I will add some to the list but this will do for now.