Rural Power – Power to the People

Solar panels
Solar energy is an economical, greener form of power

My dad and mom are planning to go to the village next month and in preparation for rural life, dad has it in his sights to have electricity. Of course, not quite up to date with recent developments he’s first thought was to buy a diesel powered generator. Fortunately, I was there to convince him that solar power made more sense economically and environmentally. He was also impressed with the life of the batteries. 10 – 12 years is not bad.

So we have been going around to shops like Brian Bell, Esco and finally Rural Power Supplies (RPS) to find something affordable. RPS ticked all the boxes; they were affordable and had a wide range to choose from. Anyway, while we were I noticed they not only sold solar power products but also hydro systems and unlike most large turbines these products were quite small and looked quite robust.

Micro hydro generator
Micro hydro generator looks like another good alternative

Now, dad’s original plan of buying a diesel powered generator would be costly considering the maintenance, the pollution and most importantly the cost of fuel. It is not surprise that fuel prices will raise. It’s only natural; oil and hence fuel is limited, everyday new fuel powered machines are manufactured and our (world) population is increasing – more people, more machines.

Inside the RPS shop, I had an epiphany, if the government wanted to bring power to the rural population, they would have to look ways like solar and micro hydro systems – ways that would have minimal impact on the environment, yet provided the necessary services. There are an abundant ways of harnessing nature’s power to use as electricity.

Author: Bernard Nolan Sinai

I’m a writer, publisher, IT personnel and martial artist.

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