Counterfeit on the Shelves

Apple iPhone Prototype
Apple iPhone Prototype sold in Papua New Guinea?

I could not believe my eyes when I first saw this phone at Hohola. It was an Apple iPhone unlike any I’ve seen before.  It looked nothing like the traditional iPhone designs and was sold for a very affordable price.

Could it be a prototype sold only in Papua New Guinea? Maybe the twentieth generation iPhone? Clearly, it’s a fake. Unfortunately, many stores are passing fakes as genuine and selling them to the unwary and ignorant public.

I also found another store at Boroko selling knock off Adidas shoes. The look like the real thing but everything about them feels wrong. This product was not kept behind a glass cage so I took the opportunity to have a closer inspection of the product.

As it turns out, the shoe did not have the solid feel most brand names are known for. The edges felt soft and could be easily ripped apart. However, the most obvious thing was the boxes they came in – they had an entirely different package. Now, if the package doesn’t match the content, it can mean only two things – fake or smuggled. I think both.

These shoes were probably fakes smuggled in under pretence of being a different brand. Once on the shelves, they were passed as brand names. And the most disturbing thing is that both these products were sold by the same company.

The fake Adidas
The fake Adidas shoes. Looks right, feels wrong.

The LNG project and its economic implications will undoubtedly see an increase in consumer spending. However, if these fakes are being sold without any opposition, you can be sure that the consumers and brand owners will lose.

Author: Bernard Nolan Sinai

I’m a writer, publisher, IT personnel and martial artist.

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