I received an email today with an attachment; a short farewell letter by Keith Jackson. The Farewell from The Review (in PDF) gives a brief history of the e-zine Vintage which was started in 2002 and eventually morphed into PNG Attitude in 2008. Unfortunately, the e-zine published its last issue earlier this month – nearly a decade after its first publication.

The decision came after the huge demand, especially from the PNG Attitude blog and Crocodile Prize, on Keith. He states that it nearly burned out in 2006 but due to public demand it persevered. However, it has become too much.

While The Review will be diminished, Keith will concentrate on PNG Attitude and The Crocodile Prize National Literary Awards and it’s many associated activities. And best of all, The Crocodile Prize will be given a dedicated website which according to the letter will be published in a couple of months.