AKay47, Lorna and Moe
Akay47, Lorna and Moe. Please learn to speak proper English, Moe. Image via Digicel PNG

I have a good laugh every time Moses ‘Moe’ Tau comments on Digicel Stars. I’ve noticed two other judges (who shall remain nameless) also share a silent chuckle too.

Mo, you sing very well but I think your English needs improvement. I understand it’s not your native tongue but slip up of a single word can change the whole meaning and your sentence can be taken out of context.

And if you can’t say it in English, for God’s sake, say it in Tok Pisin or Motu. I’m sure the TV audience will not mind.

Digicel Stars is a Papua New Guinean talent show similar to American Idol and airs on EMTV at 6:30 every Sunday.