Oops, They Did it Again

Prime Minister Peter O'Neil
Prime Minister Peter O'Neil became the victim of an elbowing by Australian journalists in Canberra.

Oops, they did it again but this is not a silly song from Britney Spears. This is about the treatment of our leaders in Australia.

The Aussies have done it again. They have disrespected our Prime Minister yet again. The first time was when Sir Michael was forced to remove that ‘sandal bomb’ at Brisbane’s airport in 2005. However, the Aussie’s were too proud to apologize and instead replied that the same treatment was applied to everyone. Either it is ignorance or sheer stupidity, they have done it again!

This time Peter O’Neil becomes the victim of elbowing by a member of the Australian press during his recent official visit to Canberra. O’Neil, showing true leadership, is downplaying the incident saying he was neither hurt nor threatened in any way. Why would he? He was born and bred in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Nonetheless, as a Papua New Guinean, I feel offended.

If Julia Gillard or any international dignitary for that matter is in the country, our journalists would accord the highest decorum. We would not go around pushing them aside so we could question the PM. No, we would wait sensibly until the opportune moment presented itself.

Some people may brush the incident aside, saying it’s a small matter and it might be. However, O’Neil was not there on a private trip, he went in his capacity as the PM of PNG and elbowing his aside is like telling him that he is a nobody and his country is nothing.

Ask yourself “Would they have done the same to Obama or the Queen who arrives in Australia tomorrow?”

Author: Bernard Nolan Sinai

I’m a writer, publisher, IT personnel and martial artist.

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