Duo Cheat Death

The Airlines PNG crash saga takes a twist as it was revealed that two of the passengers on the flight manifest were actually not on the ill fated flight.

A report by Frank Senge Kolma of The National newspaper reveals that investigators have uncovered that two of the listed victims are still alive. According to the report, Patrus Akau and Ronald Bibi were not on the flight; in their places were Bernard James and Divu Langa respectively.

This was uncovered after attempts were made to contact the relatives of the crash victims.

Another report by Nellie Setapano of Post Courier also tells the harrowing tale of cheating death by a mother, Meachelle Ona, who was booked to travel on APNG that day to Divine Word University to attend Thanksgiving Mass with her son Jack. Fortunately, she had an argument with her husband and opted to fly on Air Niugini instead. As she waited for her flight she noted that four APNG flights had been cancelled accept for CG1600 and now wonders why they had cancelled the other flights.

She also said her heart goes out to the loved ones of the 28 families.

Author: Bernard Nolan Sinai

I’m a writer, publisher, IT personnel and martial artist.

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