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A list of the victims of the Airlines PNG crash in Madang has been officially released by the Police as the nation tries to come to terms with the tragedy. The ill fated flight went down in the Rai Coast area of Madang on October 13. There are only 4 survivors including the two pilots, a cabin crew and a passenger.



Lucas Bako M
Jenny Bal F
Samuel Bid M
Natasha Bonga F
Nathan Bonga M
Paul Konia M
Thomas Kuekue M
Chloe Matlam F
Christine Matlam F
Miria Renagi F
Simon Tiriman M
Sidy Abore M
Patrus Akau M
Ronald Bibi M
Clotilda Bula F
Jeffery Bula M
Saron Doma M
Ian Gagi M
Benedict Kaniu M
David Olobai M
Samson Ote M
Barnabas Philip M
Debura Rabura F
Anki Saiyong M
Robert Sangela M
Mark Save M
Cecilia Wata F
Jeffery Ako M The only crew member to perish in the flight.

The casualty list is the highest in the country’s aviation history and prompts serious questions about the airlines safety procedures.