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A petition requires your signature to force the arrest of former cop Simon Bernard. Image via Facebook

Act Now! And Critic PNG are trying to muster support to petition the Police to arrest former policeman and wife basher Simon Bernard today.

Bernard was first put on the spotlight after his wife, Joy Wartovo, came out public. She had reported him several times to the police who have not taken any action to protect the poor woman and her children. As a last resort she went public through our local daily Post Courier, and her matter was finally given some attention. However, the police are yet to arrest the elusive husband.

Joy is just one of the many women (and men) who have fallen victim to a vicious circle of violence in the home and has become the face of the fight.

Act Now! Has created an email petition on their website and is appealing to those against domestic violence to give their support. Please sign in here http://www.actnowpng.org/content/take-action-violence-against-women-and-children

Critic has also created a Facebook page called Papua New Guineans Against Domestic Violence (http://www.facebook.com/groups/nodomesticviolencepng/)