A new group has been created on the social network Facebook speaking out against violence against women. The group appropriately titled PAPUA NEW GUINEANS AGAINST VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN has gone viral reaching up to over 1000 members in the first couple of hours.

The page was created by Critic PNG in protest of the constant abuse against women in the country and especially because of Joy Wartovo’s seemingly never-ending saga against an abusive ex cop husband. This is what Critic PNG had to say:

Just so you all know… this is why I created this page: Joy Wartovo was admitted to hospital AGAIN a day ago for knife wounds. This is her picture taken last year when she spoke out. Those who have similar experiences need to speak out and encourage more women to speak out. Men need to support the women as well.

Critic PNG plans to link the site to other networking sites to create awareness that domestic violence is a problem in the country and needs urgent attention immediately.

The picture below reveals the extent of her injuries she received at the hands of her husband (ex?) Simon Bernard, a former cop.

Joy Wartovo showing her injuries
Joy Wartovo and her children showing her injuries sustained at the hands of her husband