Another Hidden ATM

This ATM is hidden under the Court house and many don't know its there.
This ATM is hidden under the Court house and many don't know its there.

Another BSP ATM hidden in plain sight is the one at the National Courts building. I never knew about this until Oxsie showed me where it was. Unlike other machines, this one doesn’t have long queues. I guess that is expected since a lot of people don’t that one exists there!

The Origins of a Cult

The scenery at the top of the hill is magnificant but the topic of conversation was most interesting.
The scenery at the top of the hill is magnificant but the topic of conversation was most interesting.

My recreational leave started on Wednesday and thanks to Oxsie I spent half the day at the very top of Tuaguba Hill overlooking down town – right beside the residence of a prominent pollie – and ground zero for the current government’s surprise coup.

At the hill we opened our 12 pack of PNG’s best lager and settled beside a duo that were there earlier. After a few drinks we started conversing and found out that indeed ‘it is a small world’ – we were all from Manus. (Ahem, one of us was a honorary Manusian but nonetheless he was a Manusian.)

Anyway, we jogged through a few topics including life back home and its future until we reached the issue of the ‘generation system’ that is perversely practiced in many schools in the country.

As someone who was an outsider to such a system, I did not go through this rite of passage, I found it interesting and enlightening.

According to my beer brethren, the system was designed as a ‘buddy’ or ‘big brother’ system in the national high schools – a support group. Its main purpose was to ease the transition most students faced when going to a boarding school for the first time. Unfortunately, as noble as its intent was, the original purpose has become distorted and perverted by ignorant power hungry students. Ironically, I am told a similar system exists within the institutes of higher education like Balob Teachers’ College.

According to my mother who attended the college, the second years chose, from a list, who they would take under their wing and guide their assimilation into the school environment. The cycle was repeated every year and created a smooth transition into the college. Unfortunately, it seems that the system is only practical in schools were board and lodging was provided.

I believe the system may have become distorted during the introduction of the secondary school system, when regular high schools were upgraded to cater for years eleven and twelve. The idea was adopted into the secondary school system but it was not taken in wholly and had probably been perverted before being passed down. Students abused the system to create opportunities for them to be in power. It’s also the reason why there a different groups; the legacies of perverted individuals who used something good to create a monster. The systems in existence today have mutated so much that they no longer represent the ideals of its origins.

My insight into the alleged cult system practiced in schools is limited. However, I gather that it started out as a noble concept and mutated into something ugly. I guess we could spread the blame equally among the students for misusing the system, the teachers for not trying to understand it, society for inadvertently fostering a conducive environment for mutation and the media for creating the mental projection that is imprinted into people’s minds.

As the system mutated people started calling it by condescending names like cult or sect. Of course, they were right. It was no longer what it started out to be. Whatever, happens I hope that anyone who reads this post is enlightened.

Many thanks to my brothers Oxsie, A-X and Sypress for the beers and the stories. You guys are legends.

Learn Proper English, Moe!

AKay47, Lorna and Moe
Akay47, Lorna and Moe. Please learn to speak proper English, Moe. Image via Digicel PNG

I have a good laugh every time Moses ‘Moe’ Tau comments on Digicel Stars. I’ve noticed two other judges (who shall remain nameless) also share a silent chuckle too.

Mo, you sing very well but I think your English needs improvement. I understand it’s not your native tongue but slip up of a single word can change the whole meaning and your sentence can be taken out of context.

And if you can’t say it in English, for God’s sake, say it in Tok Pisin or Motu. I’m sure the TV audience will not mind.

Digicel Stars is a Papua New Guinean talent show similar to American Idol and airs on EMTV at 6:30 every Sunday.

Madrigals, Stay in School

Digicel Stars 2 Judges
Digicel Stars 2 Judges, AKay47, Lorna and Mo. Image via the Masalai blog.

The rerun of Digicel Stars 2, Heat 2 last night (9:30pm on EMTV) was quite interesting and entertaining. Unfortunately, I think the first act; Madrigal Isles, really need to concentrate more in school.

The singing was great, no doubt about that. However, the interview that precluded the performance was not that great especially when the young lady defined the acronym R & B as Rap and Blues. I’m sorry young lady, but you really need a dictionary and if you have one – use it!

R & B stands for Rhythm and Blues and is derivation of jazz and electric blue combined with church music. The main indicators are the smooth jazzy music and choired singing. A great example is Boyz II Men. Rap, on the other hand is more aggressive with an emphasis on rhymes in time with a set tempo, usually fast. Examples of rappers are 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G, Eminem, etc., to name a few.

The kind judges of the show did not point this out to Madrigal so I’m going to. Firstly, know your music. Understanding something is the first step in conquering it or mastering it. If you are asked to sing in different styles then you’d definitely fail because you can’t tell the difference between them.

Secondly, and most importantly, learn as much as you can while in school and don’t get caught up in dreams of being a star. You have the potential but at the moment you are still struggling and if you don’t make it, you’ll have something to fall back on.

I hope this is post is seen in positive light and as constructive criticism. The mistake that was done is a common one. A lot of people do not know the different names for different styles of music and often get them confused. However, if you are going to be on national contest or television then it becomes imperative that you know. It also shows the judges that you know what you are talking about, and speaking of judges, I will be posting my thoughts on the judges soon.

RSPCA Paws Walk 2011

Paws Walk 2011
Paws Walk 2011

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) will be holding a walk on Sunday, 13th of November at the Sir John Guise stadium. The walk will start at 6am and end around 9:30am and everyone is invited even those without their ‘best friends’.

The registration fee is K40 per participant with canine and K35 for those without. You will be given a t-shirt, water and a free hotdog. Your canine companion will also get a gift.

The requirements for all participating Dogs:

All dogs MUST;

  • Be tamed, friendly and able to be around other dogs.
  • Be registered with NCD. NCD Registrations available at the RSPCA. Cost: K10/dog
  • Have a secure collar and lead for the walk. Safety check will be carried out prior to the walk.

Requirements for Participants:

  • All participants should be registered prior to the event date.
  • Dog handlers should be over 18 years of age.
  • All children should be accompanied by an adult for the Event.

Contact Vewari or Jessie for more information:

Ph: 325 2363, Mobile: 71960436 Email:

PAWS WALK 2011 Registration Form (click this link to download the application form).

Oops, They Did it Again

Prime Minister Peter O'Neil
Prime Minister Peter O'Neil became the victim of an elbowing by Australian journalists in Canberra.

Oops, they did it again but this is not a silly song from Britney Spears. This is about the treatment of our leaders in Australia.

The Aussies have done it again. They have disrespected our Prime Minister yet again. The first time was when Sir Michael was forced to remove that ‘sandal bomb’ at Brisbane’s airport in 2005. However, the Aussie’s were too proud to apologize and instead replied that the same treatment was applied to everyone. Either it is ignorance or sheer stupidity, they have done it again!

This time Peter O’Neil becomes the victim of elbowing by a member of the Australian press during his recent official visit to Canberra. O’Neil, showing true leadership, is downplaying the incident saying he was neither hurt nor threatened in any way. Why would he? He was born and bred in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Nonetheless, as a Papua New Guinean, I feel offended.

If Julia Gillard or any international dignitary for that matter is in the country, our journalists would accord the highest decorum. We would not go around pushing them aside so we could question the PM. No, we would wait sensibly until the opportune moment presented itself.

Some people may brush the incident aside, saying it’s a small matter and it might be. However, O’Neil was not there on a private trip, he went in his capacity as the PM of PNG and elbowing his aside is like telling him that he is a nobody and his country is nothing.

Ask yourself “Would they have done the same to Obama or the Queen who arrives in Australia tomorrow?”

Duo Cheat Death

The Airlines PNG crash saga takes a twist as it was revealed that two of the passengers on the flight manifest were actually not on the ill fated flight.

A report by Frank Senge Kolma of The National newspaper reveals that investigators have uncovered that two of the listed victims are still alive. According to the report, Patrus Akau and Ronald Bibi were not on the flight; in their places were Bernard James and Divu Langa respectively.

This was uncovered after attempts were made to contact the relatives of the crash victims.

Another report by Nellie Setapano of Post Courier also tells the harrowing tale of cheating death by a mother, Meachelle Ona, who was booked to travel on APNG that day to Divine Word University to attend Thanksgiving Mass with her son Jack. Fortunately, she had an argument with her husband and opted to fly on Air Niugini instead. As she waited for her flight she noted that four APNG flights had been cancelled accept for CG1600 and now wonders why they had cancelled the other flights.

She also said her heart goes out to the loved ones of the 28 families.