Former Police Commissioner Anthony Wagambie
Former Police Commissioner Anthony Wagambie

The current government is now trimming the edges that the former government failed to do like investigating fraud and corruption. They are also taking a stand to ensure that qualified personnel hold key positions within government agencies. This includes, with advice from the Department of Personnel Management, replacing certain department heads and former Police Commissioner Wagambie is the first.

It comes as no surprise that Wagambie has been replaced. In fact, rumor of his removal had been in the air a couple of weeks ago but only materialised yesterday. He is just the first of a good number of people who are currently in positions that they are under-qualified for or have reached compulsory retirement age under the Public Service Management Act; a few of the names will stun you. However, that will be revealed in due time.

Our hope (and prayer) is that the government will replace these people with qualified individuals instead of putting in their own people – something they have staunchly accused the former regime of doing.

Qualified personnel only, please.