Einstein quote
Einstein quote shared by Tom Anderson on Google+

Recently Tom Anderson on Google+ shared a link with a quote from the one of the greatest minds of our century Albert Einstein (see right). The quote relates directly to our lives and those around us.

There are times when we judge or perceive someone as stupid or dumb (this happens a lot in the classroom). However, what we fail to see it that we are judging them according to our own perceived set of criterion. The reality is they have their own standards much like a fish cannot be expected to climb a tree.

As we start to judge other people, maybe we should take a little time to step back and put ourselves in their shoes. If you find someone boring, then ask yourself “why?” You might find that the things that interest you are not as interesting to them. Or if you are trying to teach someone something and they are not as responsive as you’d expected, ask yourself “why this is?”

The reality is that we set these ridiculous criterion and expect everyone to conform to our views. However, we lack to consider that each individual is different and encouraging natural growth is what we should be striving for.

Einstein himself was considered a failure most of his childhood and until later in life that he started to shine, not by conforming to society but on his own terms.

Perception is what we believe; reality is what we make of it.