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The Crocodile has been let loose and is on the hunt for more poems, short stories and essays. Yes, Phil Fitzpatrick has announced on PNG Attitude that The Crocodile Prize 2012 Literary Competition is open for business. This year’s contest proved a great success with all copies of the first prints snapped up. Don’t worry, a reprint has been ordered.

Unfortunately I did not attend the inaugural workshop and awarding ceremony and missed out on getting a copy of the anthology. However, Phil has enlisted the help of Mari Ellingson who will be distributing reprints. Any writer who missed out can contact her at mjellingson@rocketmail.com.

Phil has also mentioned the possibility of increasing the categories in the future.

While we will look at expanding the categories in later competitions we also have an open mind.  If anyone has a short play (around 10 minutes long) or novella (about 20,000 words) we are happy to look at it and consider including it in the competition.  Unfortunately, we won’t be geared up to accept full length novels and non-fiction for a while yet.  Rest assured the plans are on the drawing board.

Writers wishing to enter the competition can get more information on the PNG Attitude blog.