Sharon Kwarule and Toea Wisil
Sharon Kwarule and Toea Wisil. Picture from

Toea Wisil has earned her place as the Pacific’s sprint queen and she has won many hearts. However, her greatest feat is remaining an ‘original’ Papua New Guinean which has gone down well with many of her country folk.

One thing noticeable about athletes (and many others) who spend time overseas is the change in the appearance and pose attitude. They shrug off that natural beauty and try to complement it with cosmetics some even to the extent of looking ridiculous (they don’t know it).

These appearances while looking good on TV and camera do nothing to enhance performance. If any, they actually slow you down. Take, one of the female athletes who had extensions done. The extensions themselves were added weight and also did nothing to help with streamlining. In fact, it may have caused that extra drag which resulted in her slowing during the final leg of one of her races (can’t remember which one).

Take a lesson from Wisil athletes. Appearance is nothing, performance is!