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How were the travel allowances calculated?

My last post on this topic indicated what I believe was a waste of money and resources to bring a delegate from the aquaculture industry to a tuna forum. However, it seems disturbing a carcase can bring out more of that terrible stench.

It gets a bit more odorous with information that the Gwadus band was whisked to Palau to entertain the guests. The question everyone wants to know is how much they were paid and why was the band selected? Some recon it’s because they are friends with NFA boss. Others say it’s because Palau doesn’t have a live band.

NFA also needs to explain how their travel allowances are calculated. A provincial minister who went on the trip was paid US$500 while a national ministerial delegate was paid US$600. How was this calculated and what were their rates? I recon the minister should have gotten a bit more.