Street justice for pickpockets
This picture was reported to have been taken yesterday at 4 Mile and circulated widely through email and social media. Source unknown.

A picture of a young man lying in a pool of blood with his left arm severed was circulate via email and posted on the social network Facebook yesterday. The graphic image had a caption saying that the man was a thief and pickpocket which prompted a number of people responding that he got what he deserved. It seems the public have simply had enough of crime.

The simple truth is nearly everyone who has stayed long enough in the city will have become a victim of crime one time or another. I was attacked by knife wielding criminals once and was fortunate to run away with my life. I’ve also had a gun pointed at my head and another time some unfortunate souls tried to mug me; one ended with a broken wrist and the other fled seeing his friend hurt.

At first you feel pity for the pickpockets and thieves, however, as it continues, and you’ve become a victim once too many then that pity turns to anger and hatred. I wouldn’t condone the chopping off a thief’s hand but I would inflict a very high level of pain – enough to make them think twice the next time they even think about trying it again.

This thief will (if he survives) always remember the time he tried to steal from someone and failed miserably. He paid for it with an arm.