The President of the Republic of Palau
The President of Palau is reported to claim to be from the West Coast of Manus. Picture from

Participants from Manus at the 3rd Pacific Tuna Forum in Palau were quite surprised when the President of Palau revealed his connection to them.

Now, I have yet to verify this information with other participants. However, a fellow Manusian who attended the meet reported the President saying his lineage comes from the West Coast of Manus, an area I am familiar with.

If this is true then someone from my village or neighbouring may have drifted and ended up in Palau. Of course, official written records of those lost at sea during those times would not exist. However, I am sure one of the old will recall or oral stories should have some record. Interesting and worth investigating further, aye? I think so too.

I’ll be travelling home for my leave next month and I hope to gather new information about this then but I will keep you posted.